Adaptive and Responsive QUality On demand based on realtime Protocol and extreme encoding


Evaluation of prevention campaigns

PAMESA Virtual Xperience


Augmented Retail Experience

The audimeter of the future

New NeuroArchitecture metrics using immersive virtual environments

Improving life of disabled people

Depth sensors in ergonomics

User-centered design of neonatal spaces by Virtual Reality and Psychophysiological Measurement.

CARMA: Simulation system using Augmented Reality applied to military maintenance

Rehabilitation of Disorders of Consciousness at an Early Stage

Virtual Reality for the understanding and promotion of the neural mechanisms of interaction and rehabilitation

High performance at an affordable cost

Sistem for monitoring hepatic lesions

3D CAD annotations management to improve the design process on industrial and architectural environments

Fundus image processing for automatic screening of ophthalmological diseases

Advanced image processing techniques applied to fundus images

Multisensory technology and neuro-research applied to generate an enhanced dining experience stimulation.

Virtual reality technology and study of human behavior applied to generate adaptive and interactive showcases.

Memory rehabilitation system for Alzheimer disease and other dementia.

Depression treatment: efficacy and efficiency of two intervention protocols based on behavioural activation and physical activity.

Analysis platform for users involved in buying processes

Upper limb motor rehabilitation using bimanual tasks

Balance rehabilitation system

Motor rehabilitation system of upper member

Online platform, low back pain, decision tree, personalized treatment.

Intelligent platform for diagnosis, decision and care of seniors.

SaaS application oriented to mobiles. This tool allows the automatic creation and visualization of augmented reality content.

Resources management system for the operation of airport spaces.

Future Interactive Learning System

Designing the Shops of the future...

Immersive Virtual Reality as a new platform for Human Resources skills evaluation.

Study of retinal microvascular architecture through fundus images.

Augmented Reality technology applied to outdoor positioning techniques for promoting attractions tourist destinations.

Emofit: the first technology platform virtual reality training and active video games oriented to the wellness and fitness

Augmented Reality technology based on 3D models detection and tracking applied to generate a ubiquitous system for assistance in the field of aircraft maintenance.

Therapeutic tool wich is oriented to professionals and families of children with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders. SMARTIA offers technology support...

MAYORDOMO - Social networks and new technologies for senior citizens

Interactive multi-touch tabletop

Publicidad Interactiva basada en tracking para Televisión Digital

Augmented Reality technology applied to product-placement techniques to promote commercial products dynamically.

Markerless Augmented Reality technology applied to generate a ubiquitous system oriented to professional support and training in industrial maintenance sector.

Virtual Reality Technology and Natural Interfaces applied to generate a customization collaborative system of housing with the end customer.

Advanced technological tolos for supporting teaching/learning processes

Virtual environments for training and evaluating emotional regulation strategies over adolescent population

The aim of MobiAR is developing a service platform for tourist information based on Augmented Reality technology, so that these services are offered to the user through your...

Intelligent CAD system for dental prostheses.

EARTH uses Virtual Reality and is the only Spanish project, which has been accepted for the Mars500 project, along with other entities provided by the likes of NASA or the ESA,...

the objective of creating a generic middleware platform as a foundation for the development of applications for the intelligent management and application of treatments for...

Rehabilitation system of attentional functions

System os self-awareness and social skills rehabilitation

Web Platform which helps relatives of patients with acquired brain injury.

iPublicidad, to identify objects that appear in a television production by image processing techniques giving the user the possibility to get more information or even buy products...

The project proposes a new e-health system paradigm called intelligent e-therapy (e-IT) with capabilities for ambient intelligence and ubiquitous computing. e-IT systems represent...

The project investigates advanced virtual reality and augmented reality interfaces for the development of cognitive and physical rehabilitation of patients with brain damage and...

Computer Assisted Education is a project that intends to study the efficacy of new natural interfaces (Augmented Reality, multi-touch interfaces and tabletop systems) as tools to...

Real-time object pose estimation of any planar shape and appearance.

Herramienta de rehabilitación virtual cognitiva orientada al diagnóstico y tratamiento de pacientes con problemas neuropsicológicos (planificación, atención, memoria, negligencia...

Footwear virtual simulator

Multisensory model of the interaction of people with the ceramic applications that enables the determination of the technological development needs in terms of manufacture, design...

The main objective of PASION is to achieve more efficient and effective group interaction in computer managed environments

MobiAR: Tourist Experiences throughMobile Augmented Reality

Living Space Lab aims to improve the design and marketing processes for furniture industry products.

MobiAR is an Android service platform for tourist information based on Augmented Reality

This project has developed an edutainment system that uses augmented reality natural interfaces in an immersive 3D and participative game.

Zootevi is a virtual zootherapy system, based on a virtual reality scene and an avatar that recreate real rehabilitation is done with sea lions in the foundation Rio Safari Elche.

Living Space Lab aims to improve the design and marketing processes for furniture industry products.

The SOCIABLE project will develop and validate a tool that offers integrated support to promote intellectual activity and social interaction in people who have received a...

Augmented Reality Navigation for Laparoscopic Surgery

RA Colegio San Cristóbal is a project that aims to study the efficacy of Augmented Reality as a tool to improve students' acquisition of knowledge.

The objective of the VISION project is to achieve a qualitative leap forward in digital audio-visual communications so that people separated by great distances experience the...

Hepatic Planning: Tumor´s monitoring and analysis for hepatic surgery.

Psychological intervention program, supported by virtual reality techniques, aimed to promote emotional wellbeing in cancer patients who are hospitalized.

Mobile application that, through the use of Image Retrieval Technology, recognizes images of an interior space, indicating the user, in real time, his exact position in this space.

The goal of NEUROMED is to facilitate the cooperation between established European labs and emergent centres in Turkey, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco.

The aim of this project is to develop an augmented reality engine for Lliurex suited for the needs of the educational system in the Comunitat Valenciana.

Study of brain activation using fMRI and Virtual Reality

Sistema de visualización de última generación que permita llevar a cabo proyecciones 3D en entornos de gran formato, aprovechando la infraestructura de proyección existente (...

Last generation display system to allows perform 3D projections in large-format projection leveraging existing infrastructure (Full Dome systems).


Intraoperative system for monitoring and recording all the activity in an operating room in real time by means of images or videos

VIRTUHOME project involves the development of an experimental Collaborative Design System for custom housing with the end customer.

Automatic localization of suspicious breast lesions in 3D breast reconstruction

System for planning the intracorneal ring implantation in keratoconus patients

Surgical navigator that allows planning and guidance liver biopsies

Mid to Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Improved Medical Diagnostics

Advanced Techniques in Medical Image Fusion

Automatically recognition of different products images that can be found in a supermarket and provide information to the user and it will allow him to buy this product.

Advanced Medical Imaging Techniques for the Brain